Visit Montgomery Branding

Award Winner

Client: Visit Montgomery, MD

Deliverables: Logo, Tagline, Brand Story, Brand Pillars, Brand Messaging, Templates


29th Annual Communicator Award of Excellence Winner

Visit Montgomery has been working since 1983 to market Montgomery County, Maryland as a premier destination. The county attracts nearly 10 million visitors annually, ranging from cultural events to youth sports to corporate meetings. However, with 18 Montgomery Counties in the US and the overuse of buzzwords like diversity, Montgomery County needed a fresh brand identity to stand out.

LTD Creative was tasked with developing an extensive brand building strategy, culminating in a new visual identity. After thorough research, we discovered that Montgomery County’s diversity was its greatest asset. Instead of simply highlighting this fact, we focused on humanizing the county’s personality and showcasing the array of cultures within. It was natural to position Montgomery County as a world where diversity and inclusion are woven into the fabric of its communities. This led to the new tagline, “Maryland’s Cultural Capital,” which embodies Montgomery County’s unique blend of cultures.

To further differentiate the destination, LTD Creative developed a brand story and brand pillars that that define Montgomery County, add character and dimension, and further differentiate the destination. We also created city badges based on the emblem to highlight individual cities within the county. The logo itself reflects the county’s diversity, multifaceted experiences, kinetic energy, intersections of people and cultures, and reputation for excellence.

The primary color palette consists of ten specially developed colors that reflect the personality of Montgomery County and its richly diverse culture and environment. With strong content, emotional messaging, and vibrant images, Visit Montgomery’s strategic marketing campaigns entice visitors to explore the many facets of the county. Montgomery County is no longer lost in the mix of U.S. destinations with the same name; it’s now Maryland’s Cultural Capital, inviting people from all walks of life to encounter its global spirit with classic Maryland flavor.