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Client: Education Market Association

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Education Market Essentials had been a printed publicaton for many years and wanted to convert to a digital-based publication but didn’t want to lose some of the creativity the magazine delivered. This new WordPress-based format allowed EdMarket to accomplish the goal of expanding the EDmarket community by making more connections and delivering the best content available about issues related to the educational products marketplace in a more appealing and contemporary fashion. To make this website successful, it had to be visually appealing, well-organized, and easy to navigate. We developed multiple template designs so that departments and feature stories were visually different and we dove in even deeper and designed even more template designs for the feature stories so they would not all look the same. After all, this is still a publication! The LTD team rethought and restructured all the content from the ground up. The grid layout we created is flexible enough to accommodate all content types. We provided user training, content population, and general support to EdMarket staff for this content. This site launched in January of 2020.