REIT: Real Estate Investment Today

Client: Nareit

Deliverables: Magazine redesign and ongoing design and production

Nareit is the worldwide representative voice for real estate investment trusts—REITs—and publicly traded real estate companies with an interest in U.S. real estate and capital markets. REIT magazine is Nareit’s flagship bi-monthly magazine is the source for information on REITs and real estate information.

In 2015 Nareit hired LTD to take over the magazine design and breathe new life into it, starting with the existing templates. A few months later, we gave the design an updated look to allow for more flexibility and creative options.

Even though the magazine won two design awards as a result of the design changes, including one for best overall design, the team knew there were ways they could make a good product even better. In 2017, in conjunction with Nareit’s overall strategic communications initiative, which included updating their visual identity and messaging, we were tasked with a undertaking a redesign which included bringing it into compliance with their new identity.

The magazine has a new logo, which matches the new font of Nareit’s word mark. The team felt it was important that their readers know that the magazine is published by Nareit. It reflects the experience and insight that only the industry’s representative voice can provide.

Main elements of the new brand guidelines are core shapes and the color palette. LTD included guiding shapes (contains at least one angle) into some of the headers throughout the magazine and expanded the color palette to complement the brand colors into the new design.

The team combined several popular departments into a new “Developments” section up front that provides a quick overview of key trends in the real estate industry and a spotlight of some of the additional content available on Nareit’s website. New columns were added that reflects the diversity available in the REIT approach to real estate investment

The magazine has more white space, better photography and cleaner call-outs. The new design is intended to make the content more accessible and allow the reader to quickly understand the high points of each article.

Six times a year, LTD Creative designs and produces a 64 plus page issue which includes four feature stories and coordinating custom photography for the 1-on-1 section. Photographers around the country are hired and art directed via the phone and email and art is purchased from stock sites and manipulated in order to drive story concepts home.